All packages include board, with training sessions at a 10% discounted rate, booked before June 1.


Residency Package, $1,335

This package is for either boarders or horses in training permanently. Ideal for students and boarders who want to develop specialized skills and compete. Owners will work with trainer to discuss and develop an ideal program for the horse.

This package includes board as well as three training sessions per week. In the form of either training rides or lessons.

Fresh Start Package, $1,515

This 30 day package is geared towards the restart of off-the-track Thoroughbreds. It is ideal for a horse looking to start a new career post racing. As advocates of the Thoroughbred, we offer this package to provide individuals with the resources to correctly start their journey with their new partners. However, it can also be beneficial for any type of horse looking to get back into work, or just a leg up on their training. The Fresh Start Package is as its name implies, a start from the ground up. This package focuses teaching the horse a foundation set of skills with an emphasis on communication and safety. *It is important to note, this package does not guarantee the introduction to jumping. We also require horses to have layup time post racing, before starting our program.*

This package includes board, as well as four training sessions per week. With permission of the owner, we will also work to develop and recommend a thoughtful nutrition plan based on the horse’s individual needs. While each horse is different and will garner a custom schedule, the general timeline is outlined as such:

Long Haul Package, $3,030

This 60 day package is geared towards horses who either need retraining, or are looking to hone in on more specific skills such as dressage and jumping. It can also be used in succession with the Fresh Start Package. This package could be ideal for a multitude of cases and horses. It can be applied to a horse with improper training who needs corrective tools. It can also be beneficial for a horse who may have trust or behavioral issues, who in turn needs a more individualized and thoughtful program.

This package includes board and four training sessions per week. To include: lunging, flat work, pole work, hacking, conditioning, etc.

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