For years, our family has shared a passion for all equestrian endeavors. Our dream has always been to have our family horses at home, under our own care and supervision. To finally have this dream come to fruition has opened the door to an exciting new adventure for us. We hope to bring our knowledge, passion, and dedication to our new facility at Crossfire Farm. We love our horses as you love yours. And strive to provide thoughtful and personalized care to each of our boarders.


Crossfire Farm aims to provide personalized quality horse care. We offer a fun and engaging environment for both horse and rider to learn proper horsemanship and riding skills. Crossfire Farm is a warm and welcoming community for all.

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SERVICES (continued)



Full Board is $845.00 monthly. Security Deposit Required.

Full board includes daily stall cleaning, quality grain & hay, turn-in and out, blanketing, booting for turn-out, fly masks and spray as needed, administering both basic medications and supplements provided by owner. Care is personalized within these provided services.

We also offer field board at $525.00 per month. Field board includes twice daily feeding, blanketing, and round bales in the winter. Access to large pastures with run-in shelters.

Book your next tour by contacting teamcrossfirefarm@gmail.com. Or by calling Stephanie at 301.648.9077

Download our Boarding Application here. This form can be completed online or print/scanned, and then emailed to teamcrossfirefarm@gmail.com

*Completion of this form does not guarantee that boarding will happen, and priority is given to potential boarders who plan to participate in our lesson and/or training program.


Training / Lessons

Crossfire Farm offers instruction for both horse and rider. We are the perfect facility for sending your green or inexperienced horse to get a fresh start or tune up in their training. We also have the amenities and resources to help you reach whatever goals you set forth in riding. We offer lessons at a reasonable rate, and of utmost value. We also accept trailer-ins for lessons.

Head trainer, Lauren Sumner has a kind and clear approach with horses. She genuinely enjoys working with horses, creating a program that suits their individual needs. She has also worked with ‘difficult’ horses where they showed great improvement, willingness, and progress. Lauren believes that success is achieved when you create a positive learning environment, and put the horse's needs first.

Private lessons start at $75 (at Crossfire Farm). Training rides start at $75, horse tacked and ready upon arrival. An additional $10 is charged for use of a team horse.

If you are going away on vacation or business and need your horse exercised while away, or to get a few training rides, consider sending your horse to a working vacation at Crossfire Farm.

Download our Liability Release here.


Video Lessons and Critique

Crossfire Farm also offers video training packages and lesson opportunities. Video training can be an optimized and thorough approach to critique and learn. It can also be an encouraging tool that allows students to see progress over time. We offer video capabilities for individual lessons, or through a monthly package. One video lesson package includes the set up, riding lesson, and 45 minute viewing critique scheduled a week later.

Contact Lauren at teamcrossfirefarm@gmail.com to book you next lesson or training session. Or by calling 301.908.9931


Equine Health

All horses boarded at Crossfire Farm are required to be on a vaccination and worming program. We strongly urge our boarders to use our program for these services only, and you may use your veterinarian of choice for other health related concerns. Current coggins, vaccinations, and worming records will be required.

Crossfire Farm proudly uses Ridgeview Veterinary Practice

The Health Program is administered by Ridgeview Veterinary Practice. It is scheduled every two (2) months, billed to you directly by Ridgeview Veterinary. See health program here: Ridgeview Health Program 2018.


Farrier Services

Crossfire Farm uses Sara Snyder and Sean Losee. We highly recommend them. However, boarders are free to use their farrier of choice. You will need to schedule and meet your farrier for your horse's appointments, unless other arrangements are made with staff.



Crossfire Farm is available to host clinics and events. We are primarily an eventing barn, but love to participate in all equestrian endeavors. We would love to help you organize and host your next clinic! Our clinics are open to boarders and outside clients.

Contact us today to inquiry about hosting a clinic at our facility at teamcrossfirefarm@gmail.com.


Sales / Lease

We love off-the-track thoroughbreds at Crossfire Farm. We run a small sales operation for restarting and rehoming OTTBs. And sometimes we have other wonderful breeds available. Check here for current updates on sales projects and available horses for sale or lease.

Contact Lauren at teamcrossfirefarm@gmail.com to inquire about potential sales and lease horses.



Lauren Sumner

Head Trainer, Barn Manager, and Owner

Lauren Lauren2 Lauren3

Lauren's passion for horses started at an early age when her mother enrolled her in her first riding lessons at just 5 years old. From her first blue ribbon on a school pony named Robin, to her first international competition on her beloved mare Ella... Lauren quickly realized that this passion of hers was one to last the ages. Her character and dedication makes her not only a good competitor, but a knowledgable and compassionate horseman.

Lauren has a methodical and kind approach towards training horses and teaching students. She believes that in order to obtain the right answers, you must ask the right questions. And that starts with teaching the horse a clear means of communication and language. Lauren is patient, concise, and confident while working with her horses. And she values creating strong and trustworty partnerships with each horse she has the opportunity to work with.

Lauren is the primary contact for lesson, training, and sales inquires. She also is the primary handler and caretaker of the barn and horses.

Rider Qualifications & Experience:

  • FEI Level Eventer through CCI*** and Intermediate
  • USPC Graduate ‘HA’, Redland Hunt Pony Club, Maryland Region
  • USDF Bronze Medalist
  • USEA Broussard Charitable Foundation Trust Going Forward Grant recepient 2023
  • Lead riding instructor for summer specialty camp at Bar-T, housed at well-known and reputable event facility (Waredaca) for several years
  • Lead Riding Instructor for Lowell School Camp (Private)
  • Pony Club instruction
  • Private instruction
  • Working student for Dressage competition barn
  • Working student for Eventing competition and sales barn
  • Has trained and competed multiple horses through the FEI levels
  • Experience and success with OTTBs
  • Experience and great success with several difficult horses
  • Graduate of University of Maryland, with Bachelors Degree in Art, specialty design concentration



Stephanie Sumner

Manager, Owner

Show mom extraordinaire, turned Manager of her dream farm. Stephanie is not only the show mom of the century, but a knowledgeable and pertinent asset to our team. We like to call her "momager" around the farm. Her depth of experience in horses, as well as corporate management, makes her the perfect team leader. But it is her shared love for horses and support of our family that this dream becomes possible. She has sacrificed a lot through Lauren’s riding career to make things possible and garner opportunities. Her being a strong role model has enabled the success of our entire family.

Stephanie brings her planning and organizational skills to our facility. She has managed a successful sales and distribution team for almost three decades. She will oversee and make decisions on behalf of the facility in regards to boarding, equine health care, and handle most of the administrative tasks. She will also organize any events and clinics held at Crossfire Farm.

Stephanie is the primary contact regarding boarding, facilities, clinics, and events.


Pamela Evans


If Crossfire Farm were an Ice Cream Sunday, Pamela would be the cherry on top. She is a mother, grandmother, and horsewoman. You might hear Lauren refer to her as "Memaw" around the barn. Pamela used to ride her friends horses for fun when she was little. It wasn't until Lauren started riding, that she decided to take formal lessons. Now she enjoys trail riding, and watching Lauren at local shows.

Pamela has enabled this dream to become a reality with her generous support and participation. Crossfire Farm will be a place where she can live out and enjoy the rest of her retirement. That being said, she will be a chief overseer and decision maker along with Stephanie in regards to the facility.

Pamela is your go to contact for a trail buddy, as shes always up to trail blaze on her trusty Morgan horse, Tuck.


Chuck Sams In Memorium

Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Selfless Caretaker

We lost our beloved "Chuckie" in Febuary of 2018, just days before his 76th birthday. He played a pivitol role in Pam, Stephanie, and Lauren's lives. He was not only Lauren's Grandfather, but her primary father figure for her entire life. He was a selfless man, who stepped in to fill a role that was missing in her life. He loved more than anything, to be of value to others. To be needed, purposeful, and helpful. He taught our family the importance of being kind and selfless towards others. He granted hospitality, free of jugdment towards all.

Chuckie was so excited to embark on this new adventure at our farm. He grew up working farms in PA, and taking care of plow horses. He was most excited to ride the tractors, and take care of chickens. We started on this journey in November of 2017. It wasn't until shortly after Christmas, his health began to rapidly deteriorate. This struck our family hard. We huddled together, us three generations of women, to help comfort him in his last days. To show him gratitude for everything he has done for us. He felt guilty to leave us before this new adventure, to fend on our own. He so wanted to help, even in his sickest days. But we made sure to show him in many ways that we would be ok, and carry his devotion and values with us to our dream farm.

While Chuckie is not with us physically, we know he is with us in our hearts and in our memories. We honor him by carrying his value and virtue throughout our daily lives. To live a life of purpose, and of generosity. And we know that he wanted nothing more than to see us live out our dreams. So while we miss and love him everday, we continue to do our best to keep his memory alive, and make him proud.